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This exclusive new website has been designed only for the use of the General public and trade that are based in and around South east Essex. 

View the full list of areas currently covered.

In the meantime.....New customers that live in this area or very close by that are interested in increasing the quality, freshness and variety of their food and at the same time saving money are also welcome to apply

Fresh product is what we guarantee here at

Dock Meat & Fish!  On average products can be up to 2-3 times fresher and longer dated than most retailers. This is sourced for you daily just hours before delivery by our expert buyer from our age old London markets.

Also its delivered by us free of charge by us in our own temperature controlled vehicles. Just fresh high quality chilled food delivered promptly every time you order.

Nothing to pay

up front

No payments will be taken when your order is placed. Simply go to our Contact Page and fill out the required form where you will be given access to our buyers direct and our special offers Payment will be taken on delivery with either Bank Transfer or Cash.

Its because we work in the local area only and don't need to employ external couriers that require chill boxes and ice packs etc to transport your food around the country it allows us to pass the savings on to you and by using less packaging we also do our bit for the environment.

And are on average priced 20-50% lower than EVERYONE else!


So before you buy on another website or shop, Have a look at the price you are actually paying per kg! Some are actually up to 4/5 times more expensive. The prices for the high quality product on offer are unmatched by anyone! and for only £50 min order are also delivered to your door swiftly and free of charge.

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Smithfield and Billingsgate markets have a combined history of trading and supplying fine meat and fish produce sourced locally and from around the world into London and near towns and cities of well over a thousand years and they are both still trading as strong as ever today.

Please be aware all market prices as you would imagine fluctuate from time to time and because of this some product prices are subject to change.
That will work in your favor 50% of the time as prices do go down as well as up
We also try and get the product advertised every time you buy. However if this is not possible we will get the closest possible match available on the day. Where possible this will be discussed prior to delivery.

Billinsgate Market
Billingsgate Market
Billingsgate Market
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