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Lambs Liver 5kg Bag ( 2kg minimum order )

Lamb's liver is a cut of meat that packs in plenty of flavour. It happens to be very simple to cook, since all you need to do is trim and slice it

Per kg





Calves Liver 3-5kg tub per kg

Calf’s liver has a delicate, pale and pinkish flesh, 
High quantity of vitamin D is found in calf’s liver, which is essential for strong teeth and bones. In addition, it regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, by the body.

Per kg



Chicken Liver 1kg tub

1kg tub


nexpensive and packed with flavor, chicken livers make great fast food. They're also used in terrines or minced up with other ingredients as a stuffing.or blend the cooked livers with cream and brandy to make a quick pâté.

3 tubs



Pigs Liver (2 kilo minimum order)

Per kg


Pigs liver, best served with salty bacon and onions.


Ox Liver (2 kilo minimum order)

Per kg


The rich iron flavours of liver with an intense beefy twist.



Lambs Hearts 

Per kg


Great to braise of stuff, 2kg minimum order.


Chicken Hearts

1kg per pack


Chicken hearts are often overlooked. If you have never tried them, do.

They are really quite tender, Vac packed.

3 for



Beef Hearts



Dense in texture, this beef heart offers a rich flavour. Rarely used in modern cooking, the heart is delicious when cooked slowly. Minimum 2kg order.


Pigs Hearts (2 kilo minimum order)

1kg per pack


Most commonly stuffed and braised. pigs hearts can also be sliced thin fried and tossed through a salad



Pigs Kidneys (2 kilo minimum order)

Pig kidney are tougher – ok for steak and kidney pie – and they have a rather strong flavour.

Per pack



Lamb Kidneys (2 kilo minimum order)

Beautiful rich flavours and a tender texture come to the fore with these delicious lamb kidneys. They need just a couple of minutes cooking on each side

Per kg


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