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Whole Prime Salmon size 3-7 Kilos

Fish and shellfish are nutrient dense and salmon is no exception. It is an excellent source of high-quality vitamins and minerals but it is their content of omega 3 fatty acids that receives the most attention.This product is farmed, fully traceable.

Per kg



Whole Plaice  (2 fish minimum order)

Plaice is a low-calorie, low-fat type of seafood that is carbohydrate free. Plaice is also a rich source of protein, so the fish can be a beneficial addition to your diet. Approx 0.8 to 1kg average fish size. Wild caught, fully traceable.

Per kg



Skate Wings

3kg Box


Skates is at its best bought between May and February, It has no small bones and its ridged, firm white meat falls neatly apart with the minimum of fuss and wastage, wild caught.

6kg Box



Whole Seabream

3kg Box


Delicate white fish, can be baked, fried, grilled or steamed. This fish will need cleaning.

6kg Box



Whole Seabass

3kg Box


Sea bass is a delicate white fish that needs very little in the way of cooking technique, with a simple yet delicious approach being to roast it with lemon and herbs. This fish will need cleaning.

6kg Box


Turbot - Dover/Lemon Sole


Whole Turbot

Per kg


Turbot is a highly prized table fish which provides firm white flesh with a delicate flavor, Its right up there as one of the nicest fish i have ever tasted average 1-2 to 2kg weight per fish, this is wild caught.


Whole Dover Sole Cleaned

Per kg


It works best cooked as simply as possible, either grilled, pan-fried or roasted again its right up there as one of the nicest fish i have ever tasted available all year round but is at its best from July to February 1.2kg to 2kg per fish. This is wild caught.


Whole Lemon Sole Cleaned 

Per kg


Lemon sole is a misnomer since it's neither a real sole, nor does it taste of lemon. It's actually a flounder (the family that includes plaice and turbot). It has delicate, sweet white flesh and is best cooked simply, either grilled or fried, and served with a light sauce. This is wild caught.

Monkfish & Mackerel


Monkfish Head Removed  .8-2kg average size

Per kg


The monkfish tail meat is dense, firm and boneless, with a mid sweet taste. Often compared to texture of scallops or lobster meat. Bake pan fry or grill.


Mackerel Whole 3kg minimum order

Per kg


Mackerel is a delicious nutritious fish, with intense creamy meat packed with omega-3 fatty acids. this oily fish is full of flavor & great in salads, baked or on the BBQ.



Fresh Squid (2kg minimum order)

Really simple to prepare. Simply pan fry or grill or slow cook or slice it into rings, dip in batter and deep fry. If you can get past what this looks like it is a real treat. This product is wild caught. 

Per kg


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