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British Bone In Pork Chops

Cut fresh on the day of order "a proper pork chop". 4kg Bag £20

Per kg



Whole Boneless Pork loin

Easy to slice great value for money ave size 4-5.5kg. Outstanding value at £4.75 per kilo.

Per kg



British Belly pork strips

Per kg


Cut fresh on day of order. Approx 3.5kg bag - £20. These English Pork Belly strips are a personal favourite. They are the best part of the pig. They roast well too.


British Whole Pork Belly piece

Per kg


Great to slow cook for a juicy pork joint. Makes a great Sunday roast.

Weight 5-8kg. A sharp knife is required.

Pork Ribs


Fresh Spare Ribs approx 3 kilo bag 

Large fresh meaty ribs around 3-4 whole racks £5 per kg




Baby Back pork ribs 10kg box

Small tender ribs usually frozen £8 per kg

3kg bag


10kg box


Pork Joints


British Boned and Rolled Pork Loin or Pork Leg Joint.

With Crackling, Makes a great Sunday dinner at only.....

Per kg



British Pork Boneless Collar

Per kg


Well suited to slow cooking this Joint is ideal for Pulled Pork. 2kg - 3kg 


Whole Leg of British Pork

Per kg


Leg of Pork makes a lovely roasting joint. 7 - 10kg average weight.


British Shoulder of Pork 

One of the best pork joints for crackling and pulled pork. Fantastic slow roasted 5 - 7kg sizes available. Bone in shoulder of pork.

Per kg


Pork Fillets

Also known as the tenderloin, this is the eye fillet that comes from within the loin. It's a lazy muscle and as such is lean and very tendersome Comes in either fresh or cry-vac packs


British Pork Fillets - minimum order 4

Pork tenderloin cuts are delicious fried, grilled or barbecued

Per kg


Iberico Pork

From a wild & Mediterranean origin with over 2000 years of history. 

The "Iberico" Pig grazes freely on a diet of Grass, Berries, mushrooms & mainly acorns, which creates a unique flavor & character


French trimmed Crown 10 bone

Traditional French crown loin with cleaned ribs is a spectacular piece 2.2 to 2.6 kg sizes 

Per kg



Meaty lberico Pork ribs

Per kg


ndividually wrapped. Extremely tender pink pork meat, flavorful sweet & suprising. 0.8 - 1kg average size.


Iberico Bellota Ham 

Intense flavor & yet delicate a "Jewel" of ham. 40 month matured.

80g packs


Pork Mince


Pork Mince

Incredibly versatile. Use it to make everything from our delicious burgers & meatloaf to Thai dishes and Swedish meatballs. Freshly minced to order.





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