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Lamb Chops 3kg Pack

Lamb Chops cut to order from British lamb stock's daily



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Lamb Best Ends

Single, Double or Treble Chops (untrimmed)





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Bone in Neck Of Lamb (cut to order)

Per kg


2kg minimum order. Great for stews/Curries etc

Joints of Lamb

British Lamb, usually larger and fresher pieces than you see in the shops. They are superb!

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British Leg of Lamb 

A popular classic, the leg of lamb is leaner than the shoulder and perfect for roasting. It can be enjoyed bone in for extra flavour, or can be boned and rolled for easy carving. Average size 2.6 - 3.8kg

Per kg


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British Shoulder of Lamb 

Lamb shoulder is a good value cut that goes a very long way. It's delicious in tagines, hotpots or in a sunday roast.

Per kg


Fresh Vac-Pack Lamb Packs


Lamb Shanks

Cut fresh on day or vac packs available. This meaty cut from the lower end of the leg, is full of flavour and will become meltingly tender and fall from the bone after slow long cooking.

Per kg



Lamb Neck Fillets

Lamb neck is a great cut of meat which is very versatile - it can be chargrilled quickly to pink or slow-cooked in a stew

Per kg



Lamb Fillet 

Per kg



Lamb Rumps

Boneless chunks of lean lamb, very versatile - 2/3kg packs. These are good for cubing, for glazes, for slicing as chops and roasting as a piece.



Boned & Rolled Lamb Joints

Locally sourced Lamb Selected and boned & rolled and vac packed for you on day of delivery


Bone & Rolled Leg of Lamb

Boned and rolled to order,including bones for stock

Per kg



Boned & Rolled Shoulder Of Lamb

The most flavoursome lamb joint, boned and rolled to make carving easy. When slowly cooked lamb shoulder is a very tender joint.

Per kg


Frozen Lamb Chops & Lamb Mince


Frozen Lamb Chops per box

5kg Box



Lamb Mince

£8.50 per kg freshly minced to order on day of delivery





Prepared BBQ Lamb


Fresh Lamb Kofte

These spicy Middle Eastern lamb koftas make a great midweek supper with a crisp green salad,They're perfect for the barbecue, the pan or the oven



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